Lower waist measurement

On most items we provide lower waist measurement. This is also called high hip measurement and is located between waist line (thinnest point) and hip line (largest point).

lower waist measurement

Lower waist measurement refers to the point on your body where you normally wear skirts or trousers. To be absolutely sure please measure this on your body and compare with our measurements provided in the description of each item.

How to measure lower waist measurement

The easiest way to measure is to use tape measure and wrap around your lower waist (high hip) as shown in the image above in blue. Don't worry if you don't have tape measure. Please use any type of measure such as string, rope, thread or anything that you can wrap around your body and mark the measurement. To read the measurement please align unfolded and straight measure that you used to something that you could read measurement (can be normal ruler or anything else with scale on it).





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