Here you will find skirts for girls and skirts for women. From sexy short lace skirts through classic boho cotton and lace skirts to long gypsy skirts. Some of our skirts are made in sizes while other are wrap skirts that come as one size (please read size guidelines before ordering).

All of our skirts are made of high quality fabrics but for the best look we recommend hand washing in lukewarm water.

Some of the skirts (mainly long skirts) are made with a pull-up strings with the use of which you can very easilly adjust the look and even style of it (from a short and sexy mini skirt into a evening long skirt or even a dress). Please pay attention to all product photographs to have an idea of what can be achieved with the use of pull-up strings. For example this boho outfit can be worn as a short skirt, long skirt and a dress depending of which string you pull up and how. 

Our range of boho skirts is divided into two categories: Short boho skirts (mini skirts) and Long skirts. Please select below (click on the group image or the title) to browse all our skirts.

Wide selection of steampunk, hippy and gypsy style mini skirts. Available in lace, lycra, velvet and cotton in many colours. Perfect party outfits. Unique designs.

Boho short skirts from fairyU

Variety of long skirts for every occasion. Long gypsy skirts, lace skirts and cotton skirts. Most of our products can be simply adjusted by the use of strings that will transform the way they look instantly.

Bohemian long gypsy skirts from fairyU



Alternative fashion and Boho clothing from fairyU

Bohemian dresses from fairyU Steampunk short skirts from fairyU Boho tops from fairyU Tribal and ethnic boho jewellery from fairyU